Gelie Akhenblit
"Face to Face"

(480) 629-5822

Gelie is the Founder of She is a professional networker, business developer and trainer who helps Arizona business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals find and build lasting relationships with the people they need to know to grow their businesses.

Prior to establishing, Gelie spent 8 years building relationships and developing her communication skills in Arizona's academic, small-business, and corporate arenas. As a student, she served as president of ASU's Pi Sigma Epsilon organization – a nationwide professional marketing group. Upon graduating magna cum laude, she spent 2 years as a publicist at a local start-up and later took on developmental responsibilities (now a 25+ employee company). In the most recent past, Gelie spent 2 years improving and streamlining internal communications across continents and multiple lines-of-business in JPMorgan's global IT infrastructure group.

Obviously Gelie is no stranger to the art and power of networking, but her passion for the craft runs even deeper than her professional experience might suggest. In the late '80s, 8 year old Gelie (and family) immigrated to Arizona as Soviet refugees fleeing religious persecution. Because of the hardships of poverty, it was necessary for her to take on many adult roles at that young age. She quickly became the family's interface with the outside world – translating at doctor's appointments, dealing with landlords, and even setting up and coordinating her own schooling. Gelie learned how important it was to know the right people and have access to the right resources, and she loved it!

Today, because of her all-out addiction to networking, Gelie has quite literally attended hundreds of events and built professional relationships with thousands of people who are now part of her personal network. It's not just her job to get to know you, it's her passion and she's looking forward to it!